Staying well-hydrated is always important, but during the summer months, we need to be especially mindful of providing our bodies with plenty of pure water. Why is this so important?  It provides every cell in your body with the ability to absorb nutrients and get rid of waste products.  Need more reasons?  Read on…

Balances Body Fluids – 60% of our bodies are composed of water.  Many functions of bodily fluids depend on proper balance, including digestion, absorption, circulation, production of saliva, transportation of nutrients, and body temperature maintenance.

Weight Loss – For many years, this has been one of the main strategies for weight loss. Staying hydrated enables the liver to metabolize stored fat, allowing our bodies to burn fat more efficiently.  It also helps to flush out toxins and prevent constipation (more about that later).

Builds Muscle – Water carries oxygen to all of your cells, including muscle cells.  Proper hydration enables your muscles to work harder and longer without becoming fatigued.

Promotes Younger-Looking Skin – Your skin functions as a protective barrier to prevent excess fluid loss.  Dehydration can make your skin look dry and wrinkled.  Staying well-hydrated will keep your skin moisturized and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Helps Kidney Function – Our kidneys have the job of cleansing and ridding our bodies of toxins, however this can only be accomplished when our fluid intake is adequate.

Maintains Healthy Bowels – Proper hydration keeps things flowing in your gastrointestinal tract.  When the body is dehydrated, the colon pulls water from stools for hydration, resulting in constipation.

Headache Prevention – Studies have shown that blood vessels in the head may actually narrow in an attempt to regulate body fluids, thus making it harder for oxygen and blood to get to the brain, resulting in headaches.

Improves Brain Function – Your brain needs a lot of oxygen to function at optimum levels.  Proper hydration will ensure that your brain acquires all the oxygen it needs.

Promotes Healthy Joints – Water keeps your joints strong, healthy, and lubricated, making movements smooth and pain free.