Whether you refer to it as the “Geisha facial”, “Nightingale facial”, or the “Japanese facial”, the main ingredient is the same – bird excrement.  The ingredients are purported to have anti-aging properties, as well as being exceptionally effective in treating acne and acne scars.  Famous individuals, such as Victoria Beckham, Tom Cruise, and Harry Styles are said to be huge fans.

During the month of August, Rejuvena will be featuring this internationally renowned “Geisha Facial”. Call our office today at (480) 551-9000 to schedule your appointment for this nourishing facial that will impart a pearly luster to your skin!  Facial includes:

  1. A cleanse with blueberry enzyme cleanser
  2. Use of pearl enzyme with rice bran scrub and steam
  3. Perform extractions
  4. A light micro-dermabrasion with fine applicator
  5. Application of nightingale masque and removal
  6. Followed up with an application of matcha green tea masque
  7. Ending with an application of SPF cream

In addition to anti-aging properties, other benefits include lightening pigmentation marks caused by sun damage and reducing the effects of unsightly eye bags.  It also plumps and smooths skin, restores hydration, reducing fine lines and wrinkles. It is suitable for every skin type.

A Little History

The bird droppings come from nightingales inhabiting the Japanese island of Kyushu.  The birds are fed a special diet of seeds and berries, making their droppings organic and vegan.  After collection, the droppings are then treated with UV light to sanitize and dehydrate them before being turned into a fine powder.  These ingredients are very rare and few places offer the facial. The nightingale facial was first used as a beauty treatment in Japan back in the 17th century when geisha girls and kabuki performers discovered it helped repair skin damage caused by the heavy lead-based make-up they wore.




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