Our program is designed and customized uniquely to the individual athlete’s DNA, lifestyle, and, sport.  Once an athlete comes to our office, we begin with a  thorough examination and testing of the athlete’s mind, body, and lifestyle.  This enables us to identify unique characteristics of the Athlete’s body and it’s responses to traditional and non-traditional medicine and therapy.  Athlete’s then begin a specialized treatment plan that best suits their DNA to maximize effectiveness for all of our therapies.


The core of our philosophy is that each athlete is unique and any training or wellness plan should be uniquely designed to best suit their DNA.  And, most importantly, we achieve these goals through a NATURAL, non-pharmaceutical platform.  The natural wellness program designed by Dr. Jain has helped athlete’s achieve their goals of feeling their ‘best’ and ‘strong’ on game day, whether it’s day 1 of the season or the Championship game.  We have been fortunate to have worked with MVPs in the NFL, NBA and MLB.  Our proven success in helping our athletes feel stronger throughout the course of a season and to speed in recovery of work outs/game day action.  We take pride in knowing we can help not only extend an athlete’s elite performance, but help extend an athlete’s career.

Steve Nash, TIME’s 100 most influential people: “Dr. Jain’s approach to health has been extremely educational and improved my performance and quality of life. I feel better, perform easier, recover quickly and sleep well.