There are many reasons for the appearance of unsightly spider veins in the face and legs. These can range from too much sun exposure, to age, a medical history of weak vein valves, pregnancy, hormonal changes, or even a sedentary life style or a job that keeps you seated by your desk most of the day. For some, these veins are just there and do not cause any pain or symptoms, for others it is a source of discomfort also.
Beyond the health considerations however, are the aesthetic considerations. While these little spider veins often go unnoticed in the legs where they are more commonly found, they can also appear in the face or cheeks. Wherever they pop up, they become the hindrance to otherwise healthy or flawless looking skin. So why keep them?
In Scottsdale and Phoenix, Rejuvena Health & Aesthetics can take care of the problem for you without much hassle and with little or no pain at all. These small veins will no longer be a nuisance to your facial complexion nor to your legs and you can be back to wearing those shorts or miniskirts this summer with greater confidence in yourself and how you look.
Rejuvena Health & Aesthetics utilizes the Nd:YAG Laser that has earned fame for effective spider vein removal in the face and legs. This tiny laser weighs less than a laptop and has the ability to collapse these tiny unsightly veins resulting in skin both in the face and legs that look clearer and carry a very healthy glow.

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This advancement in technology is likewise safe as the Nd:YAG Laser targets only those blue or red veins and not the surrounding tissue. In as quick as one to three treatments you can watch those veins disappear along with your many years of discomfort and annoyance at having them.
It does not take much or require a major procedure to get you that clear healthy skin you’ve always wanted. Just a few visits will do the trick and the experts at Rejuvena Health & Aesthetics can keep you relaxed while giving you a lasting solution to your problem.

Make an appointment today at Rejuvena Health & Aesthetics in Scottsdale. This may yet be one of the best decisions you have ever made for yourself and your well-being.