Food Day is a nationwide celebration and campaign for action in the USA, focusing this year on food justice throughout the food chain – from farm workers to child consumers – and increasing Americans’ access to healthful food.  The purpose of this day is to inspire Americans to improve their diets – and America’s food policies.  Food Day has quickly grown to 5,000 events from coast to coast last year alone.

Our clinic will be holding our second annual Food Day event at the Balsz Elementary School in Phoenix on Friday, October 24th from 8:00 – 10:00 AM.   We will be donating the nonperishable food items we’ve collected through our food drive for the past month.  Dr. Monica Vaghela and Judy Nicassio, our Certified Nutritionist, will also be speaking with the parents of these school children about the importance of food quality and accessibility.

And remember our motto…”Don’t be a fool, eating healthy is cool! ” For more information on Food Day, go to