small_8645065654Today’s message will be short and succinct.  Glyphosate is the main ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup and is the most widely used herbicide around the world.  There are many reasons to completely remove glyphosate from agricultural use, or more importantly, to remove it from the planet altogether.  Glyphosate damages the health of our soil, plants, animal life, and of course, has a deleterious impact on human health.  In addition, this toxic herbicide has been linked to the decimation of important pollinators like bees and butterflies, ultimately threatening the very existence of our food supply.   Nearly one billion pounds of Roundup is used every year in conventional, chemically-laden, farming practices.

Reasons to Avoid Glyphosate:

  • Roundup is considered an environmental hazard – the toxins from the spray get carried through the air, precipitating toxic runoff into our waterways, causing harm to aquatic life
  • Negatively impacts the soil
  • Glyphosate use is not sustainable – continued use causes mutations in weeds as they adapt and become resistant over time
  • Causes nutritional deficiencies in humans
  • Damages our guts (by causing imbalanced gut flora), which contributes to disease states in the body
  • Inhibits the body’s natural ability to detoxify
  • Considered a major contributing factor to the increasing rate of autism

To avoid your exposure to glyphosate found in genetically modified foods, we urge you to support your local organic farmers through Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) projects, and/or by shopping at local farmers markets.   Protect your health, the health of your children, and the environment.


photo credit: <a href=””>London Permaculture</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a> <a href=””>cc</a>