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Whether you are post-menopausal, acne prone, or just have a decent amount of sun damage, chances are you would benefit from the help of a phytoestrogen. All of these conditions stem from dehydration, inflammation, and uneven skin tone, along with other issues that tend to get worse instead of better if you don’t have proper guidance. Specifically, many of us take a destructive path trying to fix things rather than looking at the less obvious ways to repair our skin. How many of us have been told that the only way to repair damaged skin is by using Retin-A, or other harsh forms of exfoliants?

Building your skin back up instead of tearing it down is a completely new concept for most of us. And phytoestrogens do exactly that. Not to be confused with estrogen treatments, phytoestrogens work on the surface of the skin. They repair water loss so the damaged areas have a chance to heal since your skin’s barrier function is no longer compromised. That means further inflammation has a harder time triggering breakdown enzymes that would normally get activated when your skin senses that it’s being attacked by irritants from the outside environment. This action is even more enhanced when you add vitamins and other antioxidants to skin care products, such as one of the lines we frequently use, “Eminence Organics”. Studies show that this magical ingredient not only slows the aging process by increasing the thickness of the skin, but also by boosting collagen production and protecting elastin fibers, all of which are responsible for how well the architecture of our face looks.

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