If you have sensitive skin like many of our clients do, you know how difficult it can be to find good skincare.  It seems that every product you try, there’s some ingredient that causes your wintertime rosy cheeks to look even rosier.  Fortunately, Eminence organic skincare has carefully considered this issue and has given us some great products that can help reduce redness, and calm and treat our skin this winter season without aggravating conditions like rosacea or sun damaged mature skin.

These products contain plant extracts like organic chamomile, arnica, and calendula which are all known to be powerful skin soothers and anti-inflammatory agents.  In just 14 days, “the calm skin line” has been proven to work synergistically with other ingredients to cleanse, tone, treat and moisturize your skin reducing redness for 50% of the users who tried it.

Make an appointment today at Rejuvena for a complementary evaluation so we can assist you in getting on the right path to a more comfortable, healthy complexion!



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