What Are The Basic Nutritional Types?

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Protein Types

Protein Types operate best on a low-carbohydrate, high-protein and relatively high-fat diet (healthy fat, of course).


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Mixed Types

Mixed Types require food combinations somewhere between veggie and protein type groups.  This type requires quite a bit of fine-tuning and listening to your body, making it the most challenging type.


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Veggie Types

Veggie Types normally feel best when most of their food is healthy carbohydrates.  Yet, there are major differences between classes of carbs, such as vegetables and grains.  With Nutritional Typing you will discover which carbs are best for your unique physiology.  It is important to eat your foods at each meal in the right order with nutritional typing.  Protein Types should eat their meat first.  Veggie Types should eat their vegetables first.  Mixed Types should eat the meat and vegetables together.