Determining Nutritional Types

How does one initially go about determining their nutritional type?

To start the initial process of determining one’s nutritional type, you answer an online quiz.  Then working closely with a qualified nutritional typing advisor (Judy Nicassio, CN) will help with fine-tuning specific aspects of the diet.

How does eating right for your nutritional type help us to live a longer and healthier life?

Nutritional Typing resolves personal biochemical imbalances that are the underlying cause of disease and has the unique ability to balance your total body chemistry, address disease processes at their causative level, prevent illness, rebuild your health, and provide you with uniquely long-lasting health benefits.

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Once you discern your Nutritional Type and understand your own unique characteristics, you will start choosing foods that move you away from weight issues, disease, accelerated aging…and towards optimal health and your naturally ideal weight.

When you are metabolically balanced, you will finally have more energy than you ever believed possible.  You will have created an inner cellular environment that is conducive to experiencing your highest levels of peaceful energy, relaxed alertness, emotional poise, positive stable mood, and great mental clarity.