Did you ever wonder why typically healthy foods make some people energetic and slender while others become unhealthy, tired, and gain weight?  And why no matter how much you try to stick to foods you’ve been told are nutritionally beneficial, you still may not feel as good as you’d like to?  If so, you may want to consider Nutritional Typing.  Nutritional Typing is not a diet.  It is definitely not a one-size-fits-all program.  It is a system derived from a scientific method of customized nutrition, developed from studying your major body control systems.  Many leading scientists and practicing clinicians have contributed to the progression of customized nutrition during the past 70 years.

The science of Nutritional Typing is the only system that customizes nutrition based on the way your body reacts to food.  Your Nutritional Type determines your individual nutritional requirements and dictates your individual responses to what you eat and drink.  It is knowing how to nourish yourself in the way that you truly need to be nourished.  At a cellular level, your cells will be nourished according to their unique needs.

The three main nutritional types are:

Protein Types – operate best on a low-carbohydrate, high protein and relatively high-fat diet (healthy fat, of course).

Mixed Types – require food combinations somewhere between Veggie and Protein groups.  This type requires quite a bit of fine-tuning and listening to your body, making it the most challenging type.

 Veggie Types – normally feel best when most of their food is healthy carbohydrates.

 Nutritional Typing works for those who are healthy and those who are experiencing health challenges.  It resolves personal biochemical imbalances that are the underlying cause of disease and has the unique ability to balance your total body chemistry, address disease processes at their causative level, prevent illness, rebuild your health, and provide you with uniquely long-lasting health benefits.

To start the initial process of determining your nutritional type, simply answer the online questionnaire available at  http://werejuvenate.com/nutritional-typing/.   You will then have the opportunity to work closely with our clinic’s qualified Nutritional Typing advisor who will help with the fine-tuning aspects of the diet.

When you are metabolically balanced, you will finally have more energy than you ever believed possible.  You will have created an inner cellular environment that is conducive to experiencing our highest levels of peaceful energy, relaxed focus, emotional poise, positive stable mood, and great mental clarity.