Nut milks are a great alternative to cow’s milk – they taste great and are easy and affordable to make.  Most of the store-bought versions are highly processed and may have a high sugar content.  They may also contain carrageenan, an ingredient which studies have correlated to increasing risks of glucose intolerance, stomach ulcerations, and some cancers.    Fresh nut milks contain vitamins and minerals that are derived from the freshness of the nut.

So if you’ve never attempted to make your own nut milk, here is a simple and easy recipe to follow.  Use in smoothies, sauces, puddings, or other recipes that call for cow’s milk.


1 cup nuts of your choice (preferably raw and organic)

4 cups very hot pure water

1/8 teaspoon sea salt

Use liquid stevia to taste (optional)


Place nuts in a large bowl and add pure water to cover by approximately 2 inches.  Let soak for at least 12 hours (the longer the nuts soak, the creamier texture of the milk).

Drain nuts and discard liquid.       small_4954737793

Puree nuts, 4 cups of hot water, and sea salt in a blender on high speed until very smooth, approximately 2 minutes.

Strain through a fine-mesh sieve or nut milk bag (easy to purchase online) into a medium bowl, pressing down on solids.  Discard nut pulp.

If you prefer a thinner texture, add more water to desired consistency.

Store in airtight container (mason jars work well) and chill until cold.  OR you can also pour the nut milks into ice cube trays.  Once frozen, remove and transfer to plastic bags for convenience.


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