It’s the Catch 22 of the holidays – everyone wants to take a picture, but the stress is wreaking havoc with our skin. Welcome to the social media equivalent of the advent calendar … for your skin. Starting today, Rejuvena’s own Kimberly Smith will unveil her  “Holiday Glow” – daily skin care recipes and tips revealed on our Facebook page. Each product is an easy DIY recipe created by Kimberly.

Before you roll your eyes thinking “not another thing to make!” realize that most of these 2-4 ingredient treatments use things we already have in our cupboards.  “With a little mixing, we can use the natural and organic foods and spices in our kitchen directly on our skin,” Kimberly says.

Products will be unveiled on our Facebook page and will include recipes, recommendations and tips. If you have a question, just post it in the comments and Kimberly will respond.

To kick off Holiday Glow, here is Kimberly’s first recipe for Christmas Tree Dust:


Christmas Tree Dust

  • 2 cups                   Super fine Epsom salts
  • 5-6 drops             Organic mint essential oil
  • 2 tsp                      Organic green tea or Matcha tea powder

Get a big mixing bowl and add the first two ingredients. Toss to mix with your hands.  Add the “dust” which is the super fine green tea. Toss to mix as well. The dust will give the green color to the salts.

Spread out on cookie sheet and let dry for several hours or overnight. Store in a glass canning jar.  For a wonderful holiday gift, decorate it as you wish.

**To make the green tea dust place the contents of 3-4 green tea bags in a coffee or herb grinder. Process into a SUPERFINE dust. This is important because not only will it dye your salts better it also won’t clog your pipes after your bath.

Makes 2 Cups