The holidays are upon us, and once again, our self control is put to the ultimate test.  All the food and festivities surrounding us can spell disaster not only for our waistlines, but also for our overall health. Today’s blog offers some simple strategies to enjoy yourself without packing on the pounds.


Helpful Tips for Healthy Holiday Eating:

  • Whatever you do, do not skip meals – once your blood sugar levels drop and you feel like you’re starving, you’ll inevitably grab for the wrong kinds of food (and eat way too much of them).
  • Have a healthy snack – before you leave the house, eat a healthy snack.  Whether it’s celery sticks and nut butter, olives and goat cheese, hummus and raw veggies, raw nuts or seeds, etc., the protein and fat combination will keep you from overeating later.
  • Stay well hydrated – drink water, water, water.  Don’t misinterpret thirst for hunger.  Avoid sodas, and if you imbibe in libations, consume modest to moderate amounts of alcohol.
  • Pick and choose – sparingly indulge in your favorite holiday delights, thoroughly enjoy eating them, and then walk away from the buffet table.  Remember, you needn’t overindulge, but nor should you feel deprived.
  • Practice mindful eating – focus on the food you’re eating and take your time to chew foods thoroughly.  You are less likely to overeat.
  • Control portion sizes – the old trick of eating off of smaller plates really works.  And don’t go back for seconds!
  • Take a walk – after a meal, walking can help to regulate your blood sugar levels and lower insulin.


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