It’s no secret that we can significantly improve our overall health once we eliminate the foods that age our bodies faster and replace them with the foods that will significantly improve our health and well being, and help us to look and feel younger.  Let’s check out the foods that will age us more quickly and those that have anti-aging benefits.

Foods that Promote Premature Aging

The biggest offender by far when it comes to causing both internal and external aging is sugar.  Sure, refined white sugar is the obvious culprit here, but remember that high fructose corn syrup (HCFS) is even worse for the body than sugar.  Fructose, in general, is extremely inflammatory and promotes fat cells around your vital organs that are indicative of diabetes and heart disease.  Sugar, fructose and high fructose corn syrup increase your insulin and leptin levels and decrease your body’s sensitivity to these hormones, making them major contributing factors to premature aging and age-related chronic degenerative diseases.  Many of us would also benefit by limiting some of the more high-glycemic fruits, like bananas and melons, and focus more on consuming berries and high fiber vegetables instead.

Coming in as a close second would be certain types of carbohydrates.  In particular, refined or processed foods, flour, and starches are problematic and should be avoided as much as possible.  These would include foods like cookies, cakes, pies, donuts, candy, as well as refined flour breads, pastas, cereals, etc.

Anti-Aging Foods

On the other end of the spectrum, some of the most beneficial foods are those high in antioxidants, which are potent anti-aging foods, and should be consumed daily.  These would include, but are certainly not limited to foods such as garlic, ginger, nuts, broccoli, bell peppers, avocados, tomatoes, kale (as well as all leafy green veggies), fish and fish oil, cabbage, spinach, parsley, and olive oil.

When we eliminate processed foods from our diet and start eating more of the healthy, high antioxidant-containing foods, it will have a dramatic impact on our bodies, creating boundless levels of energy and reducing the signs of aging.  Where foods are concerned,  the road to optimal health and longevity lies in following a lower carbohydrate diet, with moderate amounts of protein, and one that is relatively high in beneficial fats.