A Special Mother’s Day Facial!


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Mom deserves special treatment every day, but at Rejuvena Health & Aesthetics, we’re making it easy to pamper her on Mother’s Day with our special facial we’re featuring during the month of May.

This facial is a blend of raw cocoa, pearl powder, coconut sugar, vanilla bean powder, raspberry, and additional Ayurvedic and organic ingredients that will firm, brighten and tighten the skin of all of those hard-working moms.   Also, a microdermabrasion, extractions and a hand-mixed take-home mask made especially for their specific skin issues will be included along with a complimentary consultation.

Cost:  $125 for 1 hour


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DIY Sugar Plum Shower Gel Recipe



We have more Holiday Glow from Kimberly!  Today, it’s a recipe for Sugar Plum Shower Gel. Kimberly says shower gels are great ways to de-stress from holiday shopping. By making your own, you know it is natural and organic. No harm – and so good for both our skin and mental health!

Sugar Plum Shower Gel

  • 1  bottle of organic fragrance-free liquid soap (8 oz)
  • 1 tsp  Sugar plum dust**
  • 2 Tbsp Organic plum juice, can also use apple juice
  • 1 tsp Vanilla bean paste or powder

Get a big mixing bowl and combine all ingredients well. Place in measuring cup to pour easily. Place in canning jar and decorate as you wish. Make sure to let the recipient of this gift know it needs to be shaken before use.

**To make the Sugar Plum Dust grind sugar plum tea into […]

Holiday Glow: DIY Facial Recipe with Christmas Tree Dust

It’s the Catch 22 of the holidays – everyone wants to take a picture, but the stress is wreaking havoc with our skin. Welcome to the social media equivalent of the advent calendar … for your skin. Starting today, Rejuvena’s own Kimberly Smith will unveil her  “Holiday Glow” – daily skin care recipes and tips revealed on our Facebook page. Each product is an easy DIY recipe created by Kimberly.

Before you roll your eyes thinking “not another thing to make!” realize that most of these 2-4 ingredient treatments use things we already have in our cupboards.  “With a little mixing, we can use the natural and organic foods and spices in our kitchen directly on our skin,” Kimberly says.

Products will be unveiled on our Facebook page and will include recipes, recommendations and tips. If you have a question, just post it in the comments and Kimberly will respond.

To kick […]

During the Month of July – Try Our Red, White and Blue Facial!

This exquisite facial consists of a hand-made enzyme that contains alluvial garnet, pearl, and tourmaline crushed powder mixed into raw honey, aloe and French green clay along with any additional Ayurvedic, and/or organic ingredients that will be helpful to each individual’s skin type. Each of these mineral powders have specific skin healing and balancing properties that will help sun-damaged and sensitive skin types, however all skin types will benefit. This facial also includes microdermabrasion, extractions and a hand-mixed mask formulated specifically for our clients’ specific skin condition.  A complimentary skin care consultation is also included.

1 hour/$125

Please contact our office at (480) 551-9000 to schedule your appointment today!


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Purple Inner Peace Perfection Facial


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Summer Skin Survival

This article was written by our aesthetician extraordinaire, Kimberly Smith.

I know that it is virtually impossible to avoid sun exposure in Arizona no matter what the season.  I am constantly amazed at the lack of information or the amount of inaccurate information out there about simple changes you can make to avoid skin damage during the summer season.  First and foremost is the amount of time we can safely be exposed to the sun.  In addition, the worst time to be outside jogging, hiking, swimming, or hanging out on a patio is between the hours of 10 AM to 4 PM.

I realize that many of you want to make your daily quotas of vitamin D naturally by catching the sun’s rays.  My answer is, “of course you do, but you can do that outside the destructive 10-4 time frame, plus you may be surprised […]

June is Purple Inner Peace Perfection Facial Month!

For the month of June, we are offering this enzyme-rich facial which includes a powder made from amethyst dust, raw honey, Ayurvedic hibiscus, organic cream, and pink kaolin clay, as well as additional ingredients for each client’s skin care needs.  Amethyst powder is known for its calming and healing properties that are believed to promote inner peace.  All of our facials also include a microdermabrasion, extractions, and a hand-mixed mask formulated especially for each individual’s skin type.

1 hour/$125 or 5 facials/$500

Please contact our office at (480) 551-9000 to schedule your appointment today!


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St. Paddy’s Day “Green with Envy” Facial


Green with Envy Facial

Sure and begorrah your friends will be green with envy when you celebrate St. Paddy’s Day with this amazing facial made with matcha green tea powder, blue-green algae and fresh lime.  This glorious facial will revitalize and refresh any skin type from dry and sun-damaged to oily and acne prone.  We also include a microdermabrasion, extractions, and a custom mask made specifically for you, as well as a complimentary consultation.  Call our office at (480) 551-9000 and schedule your appointment today!

1 hour/$125

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!!

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Dark Chocolate and Strawberry Facial


February is here and now you can enjoy this Valentine’s Day special all month long.  Lavish in this hour-long facial formulated with an enzyme made from raw honey, organic champagne grapes and fresh organic strawberries – followed by a mixture of raw cocoa, organic Bavarian yogurt and crushed rose petal powder.  Simply delectable!  Extractions and microdermabrasion are included as well as a custom hand-mixed mask formulated specially for each client’s skin needs.  This nourishing facial hydrates and leaves your skin feeling youthful and radiant.  A complimentary consultation is also included.  Cost:  $125. Schedule your appointment with us today at (480) 551-9000!



Rejuvena’s Cranberry Facial

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Rejuvena is now featuring our tantalizing cranberry facial for the month of November.  Cranberries contain anti-aging properties to help fight against the free radicals that lead to wrinkles and premature aging of the skin. The antioxidant power in these tangy berries help to brighten your complexion while calming redness and inflammation.  We also use raw honey for both its healing enzymes and probiotic properties, as well as vanilla bean-infused coconut sugar that firms the skin and and acts as an anti-microbial  that is beneficial for all skin types, but especially for break-out prone skin. This fragrant facial will quickly transcend you into the holiday spirit!

Our cranberry facial also includes a microdermabrasion and extractions, as well as your own customized hand-mixed mask.  A complimentary skin consultation is also included.  The price for this  luxurious one-hour facial is $125.