Please join us for the ultimate “Better Beyond 50” Webinar with Melissa Koerner, which runs from Sunday, November 6-20, 2016.  FREE access from November 6-15!!

This event features our nutritionist, Judy Nicassio (November 14th), and other health experts who collectively give you a plan to defy the ageist stereotype that you’re supposed to become sick, overweight and tired after 50.  Judy will be talking about how a woman’s dietary needs change after age 50, key foods to include in your diet to look and feel your best, foods to avoid or limit, how a woman’s diet impacts her hormone levels, and so much more!

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Here is a list of the amazing health experts who will be joining Judy for the Summit:

  • Sunday, November 6th: Susan Peirce Thompson (Food Addiction & Sustainable Weight Loss) and David Getoff (Cholesterol Myths)
  • Monday, November 7th: Dr. Tom O’Bryan (Problems with Gluten & The Dangers of a Gluten Free Diet) and Dr. Jillian Teta (Natural Solutions for Common Digestive Disorders)
  • Tuesday, November 8th: Dr. Susan Brown (Healthy Muscles & Bones After 50) and Dr. Shiroko Sokitch (Chinese Medicine – Prevention & Reversal of Common Health Problems Over 50)
  • Wednesday, November 9th: Dana Wilde (Using Negative Self-Talk to Self-Motivate) and Reed Davis (Balancing Hormones Naturally)
  • Thursday, November 10th: Dr. Dan Kalish (Using Meditation to Improve Energy, Sleep & Mood) and Julie Schiffman (Using EFT to Overcome Physical, Mental & Emotional Stressors)
  • Friday, November 11th: Dr. Carolyn Dean (A Holistic Approach to Aging Gracefully) and Kami McBride (Herbal Self-Care Essentials for Women)
  • Saturday, November 12th: Keri Brooks (Eliminating Sugar Cravings) and Dr. Jill Carnahan (Boosting Gut & Immune Health)
  • Sunday, November 13th: Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo (Link Between Insulin Resistance & Autoimmune Disease) and Dr. Allison Siebecker (Causes & Solutions for SIBO)
  • Monday, November 14th: Judy Nicassio (Changes in Dietary Needs After 50) and Debra Atkinson (Exercise for Balancing Hormones)
  • Tuesday, November 15th: Ashley Mazurek (Balancing Chakras to Boost Energy) and Shannon Garrett (Healing Hashimotos After Menopause)
  • Wednesday, November 16th: Encore Day