Judy Nicassio

Certified Nutritionist


Judy became a Certified Nutritionist through the American Health Science University in 1995.  She spent nine years as a nutritionist at the Randolph Clinic/Environmental Health Center in Chicago (named after Dr. Theron Randolph, pioneer in environmental medicine). During that time, she focused on treating people with food, environmental, and chemical sensitivities, as well as chronic degenerative diseases. She taught various types of diet plans, including metabolic typing and rotational diets.

Until last April, Judy worked as a nutritionist at Dr. Mercola’s renowned Center of Natural Health in the Chicago area for over ten years. She specialized in adrenal rehabilitation and related hormonal issues, and reviewed functional lab tests with patients. Nutritional Typing diet plans were a major focus.

In early May, Judy and her husband moved to Arizona to enjoy the year-round sunshine.  At the end of last June, she joined the Rejuvena team as their nutritionist.  Judy has been assisting patients with the implementation of their diets based on food sensitivities while also integrating the principles of Nutritional Typing.  Nutritional supplementation and additional lifestyle modifications are recommended as appropriate.

Judy looks forward to helping you with an individualized nutrition plan that will address your health concerns, including hidden, unresolved issues, and maximize your health and well-being.

She continues her education on an ongoing basis to provide you with the leading-edge nutritional information.